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We have a vast list of clients, locally and internationally renowned, from several segments of operation and different sizes.

To visit our corporate cafeterias, please contact our Commercial Management:

São Paulo – Head office
+55 11 3215-7000
[email protected]

Countryside – Branch
+55 19 3327-4211
[email protected]

Quality and Commitment

The Consuma cares about every detail to offer the best service
your company:

  • Visit to technical evaluation of services
  • Guidance on the implementation
  • Mounting layouts for restaurants
  • Support in the definition of necessary equipment and utensils
  • Advice for obtaining business licenses

Contact With Us
Looking for Supplier of Collective Meals?

The Consuma is the best Collective Meals Provider Brazil. Filmography providing daily a high quality food.

The Conuma daily provides a quality power to thousands of customers. Care to maintain a pleasant and harmonious environment for the meal time is also to strengthen relationships between people.