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About Us

Consuma offers high quality food to thousands of customers every day. We worry about keeping a pleasant and harmonious environment in order to make the meal time a special moment to strengthen relationships among the people.

We have been making customized projects, including suggestions for equipment and modern furniture, visual communication and channels of research of customer satisfaction. We understand that each client is unique. Therewith, Consuma adapts the corporate cafeterias, in order to comply with the present legislation and most varied needs.

Our professionals are oriented to contribute to the quality of life of staff by offering a tasty and balanced menu.

Quality and Commitment

The Consuma cares about every detail to offer the best service
your company:

  • Visit to technical evaluation of services
  • Guidance on the implementation
  • Mounting layouts for restaurants
  • Support in the definition of necessary equipment and utensils
  • Advice for obtaining business licenses

Contact With Us

The Conuma daily provides a quality power to thousands of customers. Care to maintain a pleasant and harmonious environment for the meal time is also to strengthen relationships between people.